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I’m looking at using these cells in one or both of my antiques

I would like to re-use one of my existing chargers

The first is a non-programmable 2 stage
charges @ 25amps and then holds a voltage , this results in 3.75 volts per cell

Given these are 4.2 volt cells with 3.6v nominal
I would hope “good cells” would charge up to 80%+ SOC @ 3.75volts held

Am I wrong?
when I was dealing with antique lithium the above was accurate but I can’t find proper documentation of the charge curve for these cells

The second charger is adjustable from about 56-66 volts (16s) but is not a precision charger meaning it would require an external shut down with a contractor in case it goes above the 4.2 volt limit, I don’t want to use this one unless absolutely necessary

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