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A novel lithium battery based on cathode conversion reaction instead of a intercalation as standard Li-ion. Li-con based on sulfur/xxxxx/xxxx cathode 1260mAh/g at OCV 2.18V 200x complete cycle!! Our team now start to use a novel electrospining and forced spinning technology to create a core/shell cathode nanowire-structure with electro-active polymer. Bi-polar plate concept with a 150V OCV!

A record breaking event from US: P-C doped silicon anode - 10.500C / 3579mAh=1C or battery charging 37.6kA per gram of active anode mass!

Forced spinning with silicon precursor as base technology for high power silicon anode with stabile doped nano-wire structure.

1000Wh/Kg Li-Con battery within a 2 years on market!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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