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Li-Ion battery packs

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Aloha all,

Yes, I am in Hawaii, on Maui to be exact. My name is Jim Berry, I own operate Ethos electric vehicles here and we would be considered a boutique electric vehicle company meaning whatever car design you can think of be it car or motorcycle, we can engineer and build it. We have formed a strategic alliance with Molicel batteries in Canada to utilize their product exclusively in our production EV's. I am putting this out here in order to build our clientele for building battery packs as well. If you have a need for a Li-Ion battery pack, we can build it for you and ship to your door at a reasonable cost. We ask that you calculate your kwh, design your pack (cells connection points, etc. or we can design it to your specs), provide the dimensions of your desired containment including mounting tab locations (we build our containers out of aircraft aluminum with Garolite FR-4 PCB electric insulating material and our packs need to be delivered in our containers for safety and warranty requirements) electric or hot water heating / cooling system, integral fusing or breaker, or any other item you deem important. We utilize elithion BMS for our systems unless requested otherwise. We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing on our packs.
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Well that's good Jim Berry! I'm interested in a pack similar to the Tesla pack. It utilizes liquid temp control and consists of about 6800 Panasonic 18650 cells. Can you build a pack like that? Of course I don't want a 6800 cell pack. 2400 should do nicely.

I calculated 60 strings of 40 cells would give me a 148V pack and roughly 26Kwh, depending on the ah chosen. They're reportedly up to 4.1 now.

Tesla divides the cells into 11 modules of roughly 618 cells per module. The cells are in steel cylinders roughly the size of an AA battery. The cells have internal current limiting properties and Tesla fused each one on both terminals in case of a short somewhere.

A couple of reason why they chose those over the plastic prismatic cells is longer life due to the steel housing allowing it to cool better and supposedly they're about 1/4th the cost!

I'm very interested in this... I think anyway.
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