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I liberated the two beauties from a 2014 Chevy Volt transaxle, Gen 1. I was planning on linking the motors with a custom-made housing and getting rid of the brakes/clutches and other unneeded complexity.

FYI: I have the Chevy Volt inverter, the original transaxle housing, accessories/parts.

Should these motors become two separate motors with their own housing, or stick to the plan? Let me know. Be nice :).

Lastly, I have three transaxles. If someone wants to partner up with me. See this project to fruition. (Motors running with the inverter in their custom housing), then I'll be inclined to donate the third transaxle. Obviously, I'm looking for someone with technical know how. Preferably, someone from Northeast Atlanta.


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Hm... I too have Ampera transaxle at home. It is still assembled since i am using Leaf motor for my current conversion. I did have nice ideas of adapting Volt drive motor to a new casing.

Will you be making a new case for the motor? Also how do you intend to cool it? Oil or water? I heared those motor bearings have to be lubricated at 10000rpm.
But since you will be making new casing you can select propper sealed bearings and cool the motor stator on the outside only.

I am wondering if we could get one of those bearings with resolver built in :).

EDIT: Or you could just use that transmission cover with resolver and bearing. Can you make some more close-up pictures of the bearing and resolver?
Also please make some close-ups of motor rear side so I can see what type of torque carrying mechanism we could use.
I have an idea if we could use a shaft coupler on the transmission side and lathe turned fitting on the inside of motor we could just fit motor inside transmission bell and use motor up to 8000rpm only. There is most efficient.
Transmission shaft would have to be really well supported to handle the side loading. Or we could make a middle bearing on the inside of transmission plate.

Shifting could be done directly through a switch on shift pedal. That would pull throttle signal to GND which usually makes the motor a piece of iron :). Works with Leaf motor.

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