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Hello everyone!

Up for sale is a Lithium iron phosphate battery pack consisting of 82 Powin 100 amp hour cells. These cells are very comparable to the legendary CALB 100ah cells.

These cells have been in service for a couple of years in my electric conversion, and the car mostly being for show, have not seen many miles, probably not more than 4-5k miles. The pack has always had a BMS on it, which is also available for sale at an additional cost, and almost all cycles were never more than 50% DOD. I will attach the spec sheet if possible, but they are rated at 100A continuous and 360A max for <30 seconds. I have had my controller set to never pull more than 350A out of each cell only for a few seconds, so again, they have been in the best care. I will include all busbars that I have.

In the car they have been wired in a 2P41S config, and each cell weighs 7.5 lbs exactly. This is an amazing pack for first DIY electric conversion build, home solar, RV, etc.

A couple months ago (about 1k miles ago), i did a full capacity test on one of my spare cells that was pulled from the pack during a rebuild. Cell tested at about 108ah from 3.65V to 2.5V cutoff. See attached graph of discharge curve. Normally these cells come new at about 110ah actual capacity.

These cells have been loved and taken great care of. I will only respond to serious offers, but price I am asking is $10,250 OBO, which is $125/cell, and only selling pack as a whole. I think this is fair value considering capacity and condition of these cells, and that CALB 100ah which retail for $155/cell plus tax and freight. I have a BMS I can sell with it additionally, and also have an elcon PFC 2500 charger I would consider selling as well. Then it would be a complete kit.

These cells are wonderful, pretty powerful, hardly heat up even with heavy loads, and they are extremely safe. I have lots of experience with these cells and they are the safest lithium around!

Thanks for looking, please contact with questions. I am open to offers. 578AC93E-ABD0-49DB-BF48-FCF3BBD4CF5D_1573433470654.jpeg


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