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LiFePo4 BMS/PCB suggestions ?

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Hi Guys, i need some guidance for BMS circuit for LiFePo4 pack.
Basically i wish to make 4S1P battery pack based on headway 4x16Ah cells.
This pack will be mounted on my scooter in addition to the existing acid baterry and will be used as a seperated power source for other elctronic devices i have on my bike.

I am looking for appropriate circuit with no luck.
Any suggestions ?

I think the charateristic of the module that i need are as follows:
1. overcharging protection --> 3.65v
2. overdischarging protection --> 2.0v
3. short circuit protection
4. balancing capable
5. high discharge current is not an issue as the pack will not exceed 4 Amps
6. the pack to be recharged by the bike alternator - continuously
7. less than 100$ :)

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks alot.
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I will further explain the situation.
The pack will power some other ectronic devices 24/7
As well will the bike is parking and I am away.
I wish to protect the pack and cut the pack off before it goes under 2v.
In addition, I wish the scooter to charge the pack while it is running.

Any suggestions for specific module ?

Thanks a lot.

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BMS circuit for LiFePo4 pack... 4S1P.

I am looking for appropriate circuit with no luck.
What you are looking for is an "analog protector", also known in the small battery industry as PCM (Protection Circuit Module) or simply PCB.

An analog protector is a BMS that includes a protection switch, so it is completely self-contained.

It will cost FAR less than a full blown BMS for such a small battery. E.g.:

* MiniBMS: $ 78, plus you have to come-up with an electronic switch
* 4 cell PCM: $ 16. includes electronic switch

Here is a list of some companies than make or sell analog protectors.
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