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LiFePO4 Cells from Shenzhen KM Technology

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Has anyone had experience with LiFePO4 cells from "Shenzhen KM Technology Co Ltd"?
I am looking at the KM-LFP34412-80AH model in particular.
As the model says, it is 80Ah at 3.2 volts.
The size is (prismatic) Height: 221mm, Length:137mm and Width:31mm
I will be fitting two of these in parallel to fit in less space than my one Thundersky 90Ah cells.
At the moment I have 40 off 90Ah sells giving me approx.11.5kWh (when new in 2008) and I would like to replace those, into the same battery frame, with 90 of the KM cells giving me approx. 23kWh capacity (at 144V).

Has anyone ever dealt with "Shenzhen KM Technology Co Ltd"?
Please let me know.

Thank you,
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I have decided not to go with this cell now as it appears as it is designed for storage battery use only, with limited discharge rates.

I will start a new thread asking about NCM cells.

I am very interested in LFP for House bank storage.

So would be great if this supplier is indeed honest and reliable

Please do post recommendations if you have them, even if OP is no longer interested.
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