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LiFePO4 non-vertical mounting

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I am looking at options for orientation of cells to get the new cells in the old FLA space... and wondering if I should constrain myself to vertical only, or also consider stacking with terminals on the side if need be.

from what I saw of the internals it seems like having the big flat side down would pose no problems since the 'sheets' would lie flat and stay compressed. I don't think I would line them up on the narrow edge because it seems the sheets might sag, wrinkle, and short or be unhappy.

Anyone have any experience pro/con mounting cell 'stacks' with terminal on the side?
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Hi Dan,

You can lay the cells flat if they are the newer cells that have a coper terminal. On the older cells both terminals were aluminum and it is not recomended.

I have used them for several years this way and had no problems at all.

TS does caution that if the cells are overcharged the vent cap will open a you may loose electrolyte. If you are using a good BMS you shouldnt have a problem

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