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Up for sale are 90 qty Powin 100 ah cells. I’ve had them for a few years, and they’ve been great cells to me. Paid $150/cell for them a few years back. I’ve only put a few thousand miles on them because I wouldn’t drive the car much, it was mostly a show car. Did a capacity test last summer, and they are like-new. I’ve got the graphs of charge and discharge I can send if someone is genuinely interested.

They’re great cells, pretty powerful as well! Downside is they’re kind of bulky and heavy for what you get. I’ll include all of the busbars I have for them too. Very easy to build a pack for and assemble. Pack just needs to be balanced.

I’m willing to let them all go for $4500 or best offer. I’m in the Dallas TX area, but can ship them for an additional charge.

If anyone is interested please let me know! Feel free to email me at [email protected]


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