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Lightweight 80 enduro bike conversion - advice needed

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Hi All,

THanks for the great resources here.
I leave in the south of france, passionate with motorcycles & I've been contemplating the idea of a cool vintage styled ebike, based on an eighties trail/ebduro, at an affordable price... I can't find that on the market today and I'm decided to test & try to do it myself.
I have moderate motorcycle mechanic competences but no electric competencies so I'd like to keep things simple.
Her is my plan :
- Find a bas bike (like that one for instance below)
- Add a motor, like that one here
- Add a battery & build housing here
- Do all the appropriate modifications

My goal is to have a 90 to 100Km/h top speed & 50kms range.
Do you think this combo works (I have no idea if the electric part fits) & meet my goals?
Thanks for your insights !