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Likely an easy question to answer about charging

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So I am looking to get 6 40v packs, each 18.4Ah. I plan to make 3 sets of 2 pairs, so I get 120v and 36ish Ah.

Now I see a few chargers that are capable of this 120v charging for these lithium batteries, but they are fairly pricey. I was wondering if it was possible to use three 40v chargers and charge each set of 2 with it.

But my concern and overall question is, does that work? Or would that cause problems because each set of 2 is also wired into another set, so would some of the current may try to trickle into that other pack adjacent to it? Or will the charger only apply current to the batteries exactly between the positive and negative connections? I know lithium batteries can be pretty volatile with overcharging so I want to ensure this doesn't cause any issues.