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Lil Trashter Electric Burnout Go-kart

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Hey again all! Kinda just remembered I wanted to do a build thread here! My fiance and I are converting a "bumper kart" using a combo of golf cart and older EV stuff picked up from offerup:
  • D&D (couldn't afford AD&D--haha...) ES 15-6 Series Wound
  • Alltrax AXE 48V 500A -- 72V is probably in the future if I know me...
  • 42 poorly matched SPIM08HPs and 4 of those 40V batteries with the A123-ANR26650M1A cells in them, which are worse.
Not promising we won't try out some different sprockets, but the intention is purely to do burnouts with it at car shows (and maybe the street in front of my house!!!)

We used one of those 40V batteries (haven't yet mentioned the charger made from a computer PSU and DC/DC from amazon...) to do some bench testing, but they're in rough shape. Fiance wants to tear them down and do some salvage so we can build a real pack or two that will hold up to what we're planning. At the very least, we need to be able to spin the tires (going to run "duallies" in the back for double the rubber) long enough to be able to pop them. Hoping to have enough juice left over for some lights and noisemakers, though. We have about 10 (so far) of the LED lights you get for free at Harbor Freight to make a flashing light bar. Maybe an open loop battery cooling system to run a steam whistle? Run an air compressor from the axle for train horns?

We've done a couple videos on it so far--making a motor mount plate using a 4" hole saw and the initial bolting up and wiring. After a little drama with the reversing switch, it all tested ok. That'll be in the third video I guess?

Anyway, here's a link if anyone has 15 minutes to kill: Motor assembly pt 1 of 2

Happy weekend!
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This project just won't stay dead. We finally upgraded to some SPIM08HP cells, fixed some stupid issues like the controller giving me half-speed forward instead of half-speed reverse...

It's currently all taken apart again! It'll finally do real donuts on pavement, but the goal is actually some tire smoke!! We got an Alltrax SR72400 (wish it was the 500, but this was cheap) and rebuilt the battery pack into two 10s4p modules for about 72V nominal and a heap of amps. The battery (~100 lbs) will be mounted in front of the front wheels so the rear will have less traction. We also have some reeeeeally old shifter kart spindles and made brackets to bolt on some cheapo Chinese calipers for the independent left and right front brakes, but the hubs are with the machinist this week. He's also lengthening the keyways on the rear axle so we can run two hubs and two wheels on each side--duallies finally!

This may wind up just being the "trainer" kart. We have this idea to make a spool for a Prius transaxle and run a kart axle right through the middle of it...
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