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So im using a orion 2 bms that sends out discharge current limit on canbus.

The motor is a emrax 228 LV and the inverter an Emdrive 500 running canopen.

Torque mode and running by using 0-100% by PDO to inverter with 0x6071 target torque can.
So far so good. It responds good etc.

However, as the rpm increases the current from pack increases.
Theres no obious way to let the bms control the currentlimit by changing the inverters maximum current value because it is a value that is stored to the eeprom, according to manufacturer. For the memorys sake in the inverter it doesnt want it to be writing new value to memory all the time from the bms DCL value.

So when its cold or hot, Low soc or when using a small batterypack I want the bms to control the power output limit.

Anyone been in to this and have a suggestion to subject?
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