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Long time lurker here, but just beginning to spec an EV Conversion project I've had in mind for nearly a decade and so just registered to throw some ideas about.

Without going into the long detail why I might want a battery pack this way, other than, this is one of only 2 spaces and voids in the vehicle to put batteries, is something like 20s20p 18650 arrange in the rough sketch below feasible? I thought/plan to CNC spacers to hold this arrangement in place and it would slot inside a plastic 5" vented tube. The cells will be held together simply under compression using through bolts. The open core gives an option to run a small pull fan to draw outside air through the packs core or even for cooling and cabling etc.

This will be a relatively high-performance rear-wheel drive sub 400kg car, at the moment pribably going to use 2x Lynch/Agni LEM 200 motors belt driven to each rear wheel. By my calculations I can get about 5kwh 72v battery pack in the vehicle this way. The engine bay in rear of car being the other 5kwh. This is a very light 300kg car without the battery pack and motor and very limited on availabel space. Even the original petrol tank is a T shape and only 20 litres lol!

It's such an unusual battery arrangement, I've really got nothing to judge it on. Other than cooling, is there any detrimental effect grouping cells this way? Many thanks.


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