DIY Electric Car Forums banner Revealed as scam

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Before purchasing from LionEV, be sure and read all the responses in this thread. Do cover yourself, fully with recourse ability to recover your money if you don't receive product, or satisfaction. This not only applies to LionEV, but really to ANY purchase over the internet or otherwise.

I wouldn't pay anything out, without reversal capability, if the product isn't being handed to me as the payment is going into the cash register, period.
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I didn't find this information soon enough and have paid the price in battery packs purchased not being shipped.

For those who have had problems with please report your experience to the Better Business Bureau in their area of business. The phone number for the Chesapeake VA BBB is 757-531-1300.

Credit card companies and other fraud monitoring services need "actual" complaints in order to help with disputes and posts on message boards don't lend as much weight as a BBB dispute.

I also checked with the Chesapeake VA city and they have no record of a business in their city named LionEV. The address given on the website is to a mail box and not their actual location. If anyone has an actual shipping address please post it.
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