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Before purchasing from LionEV, be sure and read all the responses in this thread. Do cover yourself, fully with recourse ability to recover your money if you don't receive product, or satisfaction. This not only applies to LionEV, but really to ANY purchase over the internet or otherwise.

I wouldn't pay anything out, without reversal capability, if the product isn't being handed to me as the payment is going into the cash register, period.
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Actually Ken Curry of LionEV finishes his federal sentence on a Fraud conviction one year later, 1/16/2010.
I'd be very interested to learn more about what it took to put him away as we seem to have a similar case against James Morrison (EV Components/Lithium Depot) which was just dismissed from attempted Bankrupcy protection, and back in Civil Court. Same problem with over 20 people having pre-paid batteries that James refused to ship.

Unfortunately James has fenced a significant amount of the inventory (against court Injunction) thru so our case is complicated at this point in terms of recovery....

Reliable sources for LiFePO4 are limited at this point.

As I understand it, the LionEV guy was "put away" for an eBay gold coin scam that he ran before he got involved in EVs. As far as I know, no one is pursuing him for his EV scams even though I think there are several with losses of $30K+.
bummer, it is quite time consuming and expensive legally to attempt recovery in cases of Fraud like this. The BBB and State AG have not proved very useful in cases where the bad guys don't seem to mind being bad or that their business is tanked as it becomes common knowledge that they are scammers.

As far as sources for TS LFPs, I still trust Dave Kois and Everspring
I'm sure there are other reliable suppliers.
At this moment the only other ones I would add as being reliable are and

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