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Before purchasing from LionEV, be sure and read all the responses in this thread. Do cover yourself, fully with recourse ability to recover your money if you don't receive product, or satisfaction. This not only applies to LionEV, but really to ANY purchase over the internet or otherwise.

I wouldn't pay anything out, without reversal capability, if the product isn't being handed to me as the payment is going into the cash register, period.
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Their website says "We will be taking orders for vehicles beginning the first quarter of 2009"
Is that when Ken gets out of prison? lol
Actually Ken Curry of LionEV finishes his federal sentence on a Fraud conviction one year later, 1/16/2010. He is inmate #56030-083 at Morgantown FCI, West Virginia. You can verify it on the Federal Inmate Finder website.
to ROBBINS- the Chesapeake Business license they used was in the name of Ken Curry, and was posted in the window of their home/office.
The business is basically dormant as far as I can tell. There are very few changes to the website since last June when Ken went back to prison after his resentencing. His wife Kathy Curry answers emails, but never returns phone calls and won't even answer the door at 425 Brisa Drive Chesapeake, Virginia. They face several civil complaints right now, including mine for loss of $31,000.00 on a Ranger EV order.
Although they always worked from a small rented townhouse in Chesapeake Virginia, there was a time when they may had some employees and actually produced a pair of Ford Ranger EVs. The design work and conversion were contracted out, and they were sent to Texas in January 2008, but without the LifePO4 batteries. Four months later the batteries were delivered and installed by Ken Curry but without proper cell balancing they did not have much range, and some of the cells were damaged. That was the end of LionEV production; I never got my truck or any parts. Ken Curry went to jail and Kathy Curry has no particular expertise in EVs although she may answer an email if you want to buy batteries- don't expect any technical answers, she will refer you to Texoma (M. Barkley) The owners of those two lionEV trucks are working with other engineers to try to get them running.
I optimistically joined this Forum with the user name 2008Ranger, but maybe I should change it to 2008RangerScam.
I'd be happy to provide more facts if anyone needs them.
best of luck,
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