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LionEV open house

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Latest new on the LionEV website

Now the only problem with this is that only confirmed customers will be able to attend.

I am leaning toward believing that LionEV is for real, but I can certainly understand why some have their concerns about the company. Frankly, they could be doing a better PR job. Even some videos of their electric ranger driving at highway speeds would be good. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Maybe there will be some video footage of the event.
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Bloody hell! one third???

By the way, do any of you recognize these batteries?

There used to be a photo of them on LionEVs website when they were still showing the bronze, silver, gold, and flex pack pricing system.

I recognize the aluminum head sink case. The plot thickens......
I don't think they are the same as those from LionEV, as the photo doesn't show a vent cap in the center of the cells. Look at the latest photos on:

We're getting our act together. BEQ1's are working out faster than expected, and the cells are holding up to even short bursts of 450amp load tests. Hot Juice Electric has been working hard at making the LiFePO4 technology a workable solution for us EV'rs.
My remark of "getting their act together" was not aimed at you, texoma, Sorry if you took it that way. However I do have some concerns about LionEV, and why so little is known about them. Have you seen their facility? What is your take on what we have discussed so far on this thread?

Is it true that they only have 2 EVs to date???
David nothing negative taken, I meant we the few guys in Texas/Oklahoma are getting to the absolute final stages of having workable LiFePO4 solutions that anyone can use to switch over to Lithium, and drop the weight of Pb/acid.

I personally have never been to the LionEV facility. I have met Ken from LionEV while he was at an Expo in Dallas, I chat with him and the inventory manager on a weekly almost daily basis. I only know of the two Rangers here in Texas that I"ve worked with myself, they are beautiful conversions, I must say from the PA facility.

If anyone wants to purchase something of this high cost, I'd no matter who the company is, do it through a third party (credit card?), of which you have insurance for any issues that might develop, period. Never just hand over a check, and hope to get something for it.

If you want batteries, for instance you can purchase them from (which is listed on LionEV's website), and hopefully soon the BEQ1's from as well. The two items are looking like a nice, nice matched pair. Parts are on order now for an entire traction pack worth of BEQ1-LiFePO4's for absolute final test phase, to pretty much seal the design of the BEQ1-LiFePO4 Balancers.
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