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LionEV open house

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Latest new on the LionEV website

Now the only problem with this is that only confirmed customers will be able to attend.

I am leaning toward believing that LionEV is for real, but I can certainly understand why some have their concerns about the company. Frankly, they could be doing a better PR job. Even some videos of their electric ranger driving at highway speeds would be good. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Maybe there will be some video footage of the event.
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that is interesting as predator performance recently updated their site confirming that they built 2 (yes count them..2) rangers for lionev,so where exactly is this "production line" ?guess we have to buy one to find out,hmmm?

Good info Joesph, VERY good info. I was always wondering why their videos and pictures include other vehicles that are clearly gas burning muscle cars. Nothing against muscle cars, just didn't make sense why an EV shop would have so many of them, and only one EV.

If LionEV is in fact using a variation of the "drop shipping" principal, that would not be entirely unusual, but why all the secrecy? Why not post some real videos of their EVs tearing it up. I still think there is potential here, but I need to see a lot more of this company than I am seeing right now before I will consider risking my money.

Could it be that they are so busy that they are limiting themselves to local customers only? Our home business does not advertise at all, and we have too much work year round. Just not sure what the case is with LionEV.
The plot thickens....

LionEV's official line is that there was simply no demand for the accent EV conversion. The official line on the escape plug in conversion is that it is too complex to show us how the conversion is done. So they will not document the conversion process like they did with the ranger.

If the accent numbers were unverified, than what does that mean for the rangerEV and the claimed 200-400 mile range?

It makes me wonder why we have yet to see an example of the accent EV or the plug in escape hybrid.

Could it be that all there is to lionEV is two ranger conversions, and a suite case full of names and contacts??? I sure hope not. Maybe texomaEV can chime in with his take on this topic since he has actually dealt with them.

I don't want to make any quick judgements jet, since its hard to prove any of this right now.
Bloody hell! one third???

If any of this is true I'm getting tempted to start my own conversion outfit!:eek: For crying out loud, many of us have already contacted lithium battery suppliers directly. Here I go getting all worked up........:rolleyes:

I'm getting real sick of waiting for others to get their act together.

Tesla is having transmission problems, LionEV is sounding like a pyramid scheme, Phoenix is changing batteries already, and of course GM is bad mouthing their own alternative creation yet again. I guess its up to us, not that we didn't already know that.

By the way, do any of you recognize these batteries?

There used to be a photo of them on LionEVs website when they were still showing the bronze, silver, gold, and flex pack pricing system.

I recognize the aluminum head sink case. The plot thickens......
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My remark of "getting their act together" was not aimed at you, texoma, Sorry if you took it that way. However I do have some concerns about LionEV, and why so little is known about them. Have you seen their facility? What is your take on what we have discussed so far on this thread?

Is it true that they only have 2 EVs to date???

EDIT: yes, Cindy told me the same thing about sending samples to LionEV. But was no mention of just how many were sent.
I got excited about these initially but these are the ones with the low 3C discharge rate. With a 144V pack I don't see it yielding very good acceleration. I'm waiting to hear about someone who actually uses this in their EV first.

According to their claims, you can go past 3C but they will self ballance if you stay below 3C. I'm not really sure why you would need much more than 600 amps for the average conversion.

I have been looking and a few differenc LiFePo4 suppliers in the last few years and generally 3C seems to be a good rule. BUT, not all batteries are made equal, and some favor energy dencity over "C" rating. Some recomend no higher that 2C, and the older cobalt chemistry LiPos can get over 200wh/kg, but with less than 2C rating.

The Lifepo chemistry can support current draws much more than 3C, but the cell usually sacrifices energy dencity to achieve this. Lifepos usually are between 95-115wh/kg (with lead being around 35)
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