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LionEV open house

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Now the only problem with this is that only confirmed customers will be able to attend.

I am leaning toward believing that LionEV is for real, but I can certainly understand why some have their concerns about the company. Frankly, they could be doing a better PR job. Even some videos of their electric ranger driving at highway speeds would be good. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Maybe there will be some video footage of the event.
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That "open house" doesn't give me any good feeling about lionev.... Oh sure, anyone can come and see our operation.... if they already gave us money.

So Predator Performance does the conversions, but LionEV acts as a middle man? There is nothing that I hate more than an unnecessary middle man. LionEV has someone else do a couple of conversions for them in the past, but their relationship went sour.
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