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Liquid cooling with transmission cooler

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Hi, working on my first EV project.

I'm using a Leaf inverter and motor, which are liquid-cooled.

I purchased a transmission cooler and a cheap 12v water pump.

I've read about and seen kits that come with a coolant reservoir for doing this but haven't seen any good diagrams or photos.

Is it OK to go:

Pump -> Inverter -> Motor -> tranny cooler -> reservoir -> back to pump?

Won't there be an air gap at the top of the reservoir if coolant comes in from the top and goes back out to the pump thru the bottom? Is that OK?


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The radiator should be fine as the coolant won't likely get near as hot as it would in an automobile and not boil out. It just pulls some heat away from the controller so it can't over heat. Do you have a picture of the transmission cooler you purchased? Something like this would more than likely be more than enough for cooling the controller.
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Sounds good, though you can get inverter radiators for fairly cheap on eBay.

Air gap at top of reservoir is ok. In fact, you probably need it for expansion.

You'll need to vacuum fill the system - it's air in the inverter that'll kill it.

Put a thermal switch on the outlet stream of the inverter and light an idiot light if it goes over a certain temperature (I don't have it handy). Temp gauge better.

Use Nissan's coolant recommendation.
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