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Hi-Power 100 AH New still in box. Up to 50 cells at $85 each, $80 Each for any thing above 50. Does not include shipping. These are here in the states. No need to wait for the slow boat from China. Get them ordered and they can be shipped right away. Shipping is ground.

This is one hell of a deal for those wanting to get into Lithiums on a budget. These are not the high output cells like TS but they are good batteries for many conversions. Good chargers are available. You can double up packs to get 200AH packs too.

So lets say you want a 120 volt pack. That would be 38 cells and at $85 each that would only be $3,230 for a 100 AH pack. $6,080 for a dual 120 volt pack for 200 AH. The dual pack is 76 cells @ $80 each.

This blow out won't last long.

I will email the PDF Spec sheet to any who are interested.

I may get some delivered to my place for those who may want to just drive on over to get them.

Pete :)

Email me, PM me and I will send you our number.
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I know where you're getting them and also talked to the guy.

These cells are 50A constant and max instantanious of ~3C, so they're not the high output ones. They'll do for some conversions, but if you need over 50-100A continuous, put more in parallel.

Great price though.
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