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I found out where the battery tray bolt was, in the wheel arc? So I removed that, the serpentine belt and AC unit. Also I scrouged from work some baby 12V sealed rechargable batteries which were going to be recycled. but still have some charge. I think I will be able to use them to test the system some way. :confused:
I am now reading up on building my own desulfator just for fun. I found some info on the web and it should be fun.:rolleyes:


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you are really great and read and learn to make electric car by yourself

how was your electric car going?
max speed?
motor ?

do you feel satisfied with it?
do you want to do the business about electric car?
Environmentally friendly, zero pollution, Energy efficient.
Performance benefits. Electric motors provide quiet, smooth operation and stronger acceleration and require less maintenance than ICEs.
Reduce energy dependence. Electricity is a domestic energy source.

if u like i can show you ours
we are a company specilize producing this kind of car, electric motor, e-bike and so on
i can send you picture
have lead -acid maintanance free GEL battery or lithium battery
wait for your message
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