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I just got off the Hitec Tech Support line and chatted with someone in the know.
This is how the HTS-Navi Telemetry System components operate and assemble :
The Hitec HTS-SS Blue Basic 50A Pack is installed inside your RC or Electric Car vehicle with all of the sensors connected to the HTS-SS Sensor Station module, the module is connected to a 6volt power source. The 2.4GHz HTS-SS Sensor Station sends wire-less live-view data logging to the Hitec HTS-Navi USB memory card dongle that is plugged into any PC running Windows software. The telemetry system sends the data directly to the dongle.
End of story other than Tower Hobbies is stating on their website that the products will not start trickling onto stocking shelves until late November, but the Hitec Technician is telling me the components will not be stocking until January.
I'm using the Archos 9 PC tablet for my dashboard with GPS.
You will need these components to make your own telemetry data become live-view :


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