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Locomotive Batteries?

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Hello everyone,
I've been researching and planning an EV for sometime now. I have a 26 mile one way commute to work, with some pretty big hills and a 60mph speed limit. I'm looking at something that will do 50mph and get about 30-40 mile range.

As for batteries, I have access to a bunch of old 32v locomotive batteries. They are very heavy, about 325lbs each. But I plan on a 96v system, so I only need 3. 1000lbs is a lot to add to a vehicle, so I'm looking at a small/medium size truck. With the engine pulled, it might not be so bad. I've found an old postal jeep for $200, everything is there and it is pretty bare bones to start with. Not sure it will handle the weight.

First, does anyone know if these batteries would be worth the weight? I'm sure I would probably get good mileage because of the reserve amps in these things. Also, they would help with the amps needed to pull these hills. They are designed to provide 400 amps when starting the locomotive.

Any thoughts? I'll take some pictures of them today.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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