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logisystem controllers?

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I was all ready to buy the curtis 1231c controller ( small truck, ADC 4001 motor 144v pack) when I met Dave Cloud ( yes a relative of the guy who owns cloudelectric) and he is trying to convince me to purchase the logisystem 550 amp 144 volt controller, which he says is much improved over the original model. Dave also says that their ( logisystems) coustomer service is very good and that they stand by their 1 yr. warrantee. anyone with experience or concerns:confused: thanks again.
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I would strongly recommend that you use the Curtis. We have used three Logisys controllers so far and only one has been acceptable. One of the units has been back at Logisys for nearly 10 weeks. It took over two weeks just to get a response telling us it was OK and met their specs while we knew it had a short in it. They wanted $600.00 to "update" it. Claimed it was out of warranty when we had only bought it just 3 months prior. They told us their warranty depended upon the manufacture date but there were no papers in the box stating such. We are now experiencing problems witht heir third one. Don't know where that will lead.

We were also told that they are not answering their 800 # because they are shorthanded and too far behind on reparis. We still do not have the first controller back from them yet.

Would not recommend Logisys under any circumstance. Poor customer service and response, marginal equipment.

Have you looked at the new NetGain controllers?
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