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logisystem controllers?

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I was all ready to buy the curtis 1231c controller ( small truck, ADC 4001 motor 144v pack) when I met Dave Cloud ( yes a relative of the guy who owns cloudelectric) and he is trying to convince me to purchase the logisystem 550 amp 144 volt controller, which he says is much improved over the original model. Dave also says that their ( logisystems) coustomer service is very good and that they stand by their 1 yr. warrantee. anyone with experience or concerns:confused: thanks again.
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Avoid like the plague! ...Stay away:mad:
I have to agree!!! They are not worth the grief that you are likely to encounter.
My personal experience is that they have poor customer relations along with a poorly designed product. In-house engineering must be non-existent with this outfit as others without support of corporate R&D have far surpassed them in the past few years. Do a search, if you still want to consider any product of theirs. They have burnt too many bridges in our tight nit community.
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