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Long weekend conversion

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Hi all,

I own a garage with a couple of employees and we have a stall at a show over the bank holiday weekend 26th, 27th and 28th August and iv been trying to decide what i can do at the stall and had a rather ambitious idea over the weekend of doing an electric conversion. The parts would obviously have to be ordered in advance and any custom made parts (bellhousing adapter etc) fabricated beforehand but what i was wondering is how realistic a conversion is with 3 people over a 3 day weekend? Has anyone attempted this before?
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It should be obvious that everything will need to be planned - not just a list of pre-purchased components, but exactly how they will be mounted and connected.

I think it's a matter of avoiding any body modification (cutting, bending, welding, painting... way too slow) and pre-fabricating everything possible (all cables built, etc). Perhaps it would even make sense to cheat and remove components to free up rusted fasteners and fix the body parts which are exposed, then put those components back in before the show to create an ideal starting point.

There is a kit called the Exocet which uses all of the chassis and powertrain components of Miata. It takes a typical builder weeks to put together, but has been done in a day at a show... by people who were completely prepared. Not an EV, but a similar idea.
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