Hi Everyone,
I'll cut right to the chase, our team is looking to buy a new/used BMS. Like any other Formula Student Team, we too opted for the Orion BMS 2. But, when tried to contact Ewert Energy Systems regarding the quotation, we recieved no response. We have looked around at the other websites too, but as it turns out, it is really expensive (Amounts to about $2200 with customs). We are still looking around for BMS from other manufacturers, but haven't found anything that suits our need (Please do let us know, If any).
Here are the Accumulator specifications: Nominal Voltage: 72V Peak Current: 400A (<5 seconds) Nominal Current: 200A Pack Configuration: 20s15p (4 modules - each 5s15p) Cells Used: Molicel INR21700 P42A
We would love to know if anyone is looking to sell their BMS or can suggest any BMS which can support our accumulator.
Thank You