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I'm trying to compare the following vehicles for a new blog entry.

Chevy Volt
Mitsubishi MiEV
Mitsubishi MiEV Sport
Tesla Roadster
Opel Flextreme
Tesla Sedan
Nissan Mixim
Subaru R1e

What I'm looking to compare:

Estimated Production Date
Estimated Price
Estimated Initial Production #
Body Style
Vehicle Class
Battery Type
Peak Power
Continuous Power
Generator Power
Recharge Time @ 110V
0-60 time
Full EV Range
Extended Range

I have all the Volt's info and a little of the MiEV's but it's conflicting and I don't have it all.

What I'd like is these figures for each car and then sources of information for all of it. I don't want to write anything that I can't cite a source from.

If any of you care to help out, post it here! Otherwise I'll try to get all of this info dug up tomorrow and have a nice comparison chart finished for everyone to oogle at.

Also if I'm missing any models of vehicles, I'd like to know. I'm looking for major manufactured vehicles or at least vehicles manufactured in numbers over 1000.

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Tesla Roadster:
Estimated Production Date: initial production in 2008
Estimated Price: 98'000$ for the 2008 version, unknown for the 2009 ver.
Estimated Initial Production #: 100
Body Style: convertible
Vehicle Class: ? not sure what that means
Battery Type: Li-Ion, no details on chemistry
Peak Power: 185kW
Continuous Power: ?
Generator Power: n/a (if you're talking about hybrids' generators)
Recharge Time @ 110V: Couldn't find info on that. They do say it takes 3.5h with the special charging station (maybe 230 or 380v?)
0-60 time: ~4s
about 2700lbs (1220kg)
Full EV Range: 245 miles combined city/motorway. More if used in city only, due to regen
Extended Range: n/a

All the info comes from the tesla motors website. Except the weight, which I found on wikipedia. By the way, go there. I just wasted 30min browsing tesla's site. Good night.
By the way, you can find (very little) info on the tesla whitestar (sedan) here , and just as little on the aptera here

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