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The best way to do that would be to fit two production EV drive units - that way you get modern kit
I agree. If using modern AC motors with appropriate battery voltage, only gear ratio is needed, and a single-ratio reduction gearbox intended for an EV application makes more sense than adapting anything to bits intended for use with an engine. The big problem likely fitting the rear drive unit into a car designed for only a small final drive unit at the rear axle.

One caveat is that all production EVs have simple open differentials, while something like a WRX typically has limited-slip differentials.

If you go old fashioned then the rear is easy - just a short driveshaft from a forklift motor to the diff
The front is more difficult
Again, I agree.
If you keep the largely pointless transaxle - which is especially pointless with a Subaru if you're not using the AWD system - the front is more difficult only because you need to arrange to mount the motor directly to the transaxle input rather than using a short driveshaft as an easy-to-build adapter.

One possibility is a combination of approaches, with one motor driving the rear axle via the original final drive unit (differential), and another motor as part of a complete salvaged drive unit for the front axle.
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