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Looking for advice on building a 2004 Impreza wagon ev

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Personally I'm new to the whole electric conversion idea but was enthralled by some results I saw online. With that being said the project in mind would be an early 2000's Subaru Impreza Wagon (want WRX but seems pointless considering the conversion, I could just buy a hood with a scoop after the fact, lol). I would want this vehicle to maintain it's AWD capabilities and be dual motor. I've read up on the topic a little and have realized the difficulties of this would be a real trick. I had one main idea that I was hoping for advice on but obviously am open to any different suggestions to make this idea work. Essentially I would want to have one motor per axel with the motors attached at the differential (obviously this would require changing the gearing in the differential to better suit an EV). This is the idea, I'm open to any and all suggestions that might make this work. As well if this isn't the best way to achieve a dual motor AWD conversion I'd appreciate it if yall could point me in the right direction. Sorry for the long post, thanks.