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Background: I'm building an EV system for a prototype vehicle designed for slow speed (no more than 20mph). Though I should note these vehicles weigh up to 3 tonne. I've started to put together a ~90V battery pack made up of 8 li-on modules from a donor PHEV car. Each module has 12 series cells and the pack as whole will be setup into a 24s4p config. Each module also has 2 thermistors to monitor temperature so 16 temp measurements in total.

These vehicles won't be going on the public highway and wont be used for more than a few hours of light work between charges. All I want them to do is monitor temp and voltage to make sure no cell is about to explode and provide a warning or open a contactor when a set voltage/temp limit is exceeded. Is it essential I also have balancing functionality as well?

I started out this project assuming I could get an arduino to do the voltage/temp monitoring but I've realised its a bit out of my skill level and I'm running out of time to deliver. I've had a look around at whats available and have briefly looked at the orion/zeta offerings, they seem a bit pricey and over the top for my application, or its what I need? Can anyone recommend another option?
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