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Looking for Docs for StealthEV Charger+DC/DC

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I bought an integrated Charger + DC/DC converter from StealthEV. The vendor describes this as "SEV33ADE-144", "3.3 KW AIR COOLED CHARGER + 1 KW DC/DC CONVERTER"
This is the 144V version; they also market a 108V version. I understand these are likely rebranded Ovartech chargers.

Unfortunately, it's not working. I need to troubleshoot the charger. It is sending no data on the CAN bus. Nothing. I am looking for diagnostic information. Any ideas?
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Kudos to Frank at Ovartech. He shared key details that helped me diagnose the behavior.

The CAN dataflow does not start when the 12V power is applied or when DC/DC converter is enabled. CAN dataflow begins only after the AC Mains are powered on.
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CANBus dataflow during charging behaves as expected. The BMS commands the charger to deliver a certain max current and max voltage(1 Hz). The charger announces its actual behavior (also 1Hz). If the charger receives no messages from the BMS for 5 seconds, then the charger reduces the current to zero. Textbook. (i.e.: so far, no smoke)
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