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Looking for information on Continental AC Motor

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I have a Continental AC electric drive motor for an electric vehicle of some kind. It appears to be a permanent magnet AC synchronous motor. It came with an AC controller made by Ballard Power Systems. I am looking to do a conversion and would like to use this motor. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.

Motor Label Information:
IPT ASY - 8.3:1 A2C53303715
A 169 340 02 00
Motor Gearbox PN: A2C53303716

Pictures can be viewed on our flickr page Here
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Attached is a wiring diagram that might work for the unit.
Even though it came with an AC controller you are still going to need
a separate CAN controller to send CAN instructions to the unit.

The AC controller does not work with simple IO but requires CAN instructions.

The unit you have was used by a few universities in the Challenge X .

PM me , and i can send you all the files I have on these units.


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