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I'm getting my BMS and charger set up and I'm looking for some feedback on the specific parameters I'm setting. The pack consists of two 2019 Nissan leaf 3S7P modules in series. Below are the specs on the module overall, taken from the ebay listing I purchased them from.

SOCPack VoltageCell Voltage

I put these into my BMS, and set the SOC by finding a polynomial best fit for the above data and plugging in the voltage that the pack sits at right now.

For charging, I'm using a Meanwell RPB-1600-48 and I'm configuring it to do the following:

-2 stage charge (only stage 1 & 2 on the diagram above)
-Vboost = 58V
-CC = 27A (the capacity of the charger)
-Taper current = 2.8A (the point at which the charger shuts off, marked above as 10% CC)

I think these parameters/charging setup make sense, but I'm new to all of this and would appreciate a second opinion. Thanks!
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