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Looking for some guidance on my first EV project

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I'm about to finish up a BMS which will allow me to use a stash of Li-Ion batteries, so naturally I want to make something to put these batteries to good use. An fun EV conversion seems like the perfect fit.

A little background on me: I hail more from the Electrical/Programming side of things, but I have some friends who can help me with some machining+welding.

I saw Arlo's DIY leaf inverter thread and decided I definitely want a leaf motor due to the power and low cost.

For a donor car I was planning to use a Porsche 944 as they are relatively light and cheap and have a pretty large engine compartment. Where I live, you can find people selling stripped down budget racing 944s with blown engines which probably would make great conversions.

For coupling a leaf motor I saw a couple of threads, one about clutch plates that had good fits on the output spline, and some detailing a machinable adapter for the net-gain bolt pattern. I'm thinking I want to retain the clutch for emergencies and if the leaf motor has rough starts.

TL;DR Question is could a semi-mechanically inclined guy mate a leaf engine to a 944 with some help from his friends?

(Budget's not a huge worry for me, free batteries + BMS, and cheap parts should keep the cost low)

Thanks, I hugely appreciate any help!
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Thanks, I hugely appreciate any help!
Please add your location to your profile... it has a huge impact on the advice that we give :)
Added! Thanks for the tip!

Given you're in the US then if you want to get up to speed quickly then the course at EV4U is highly recommended;

3-Day Hands-On Conversion Workshops
I don't know if I'm looking for something like that. Mounting a netgain motor with an adapter is definitely within my ability. I am wondering specifically about the leaf motor, and how to mate it (clutch plate from another car, use a leaf transmission, etc)
I don't know if I'm looking for something like that.
I understand the course is very generic and if you want to get up to speed quickly on EV conversion then it's an ideal way to start :)

If you want to do the more traditional forum research then take a look at the various Leaf threads here :cool:
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