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Long story short, over the next few years I would like to convert my GTM K3 kit car to having an electric drive-train.

I'm still in the very early stages but I plan on keeping it well under a ton which could be tricky, ideally have a 100+ mile range and maintaining as close to current acceleration performance as possible - gonna be tricky as currently 170bhp and 810kg.

Fairly old photo of the car below, but it's RWD and mid engined (engine behind seats, in front of axle) convertible with a decent amount of space in the engine bay for the motor/gearbox and I'd say at least a few battery cells. Most of the battery would be behind the seats (where the fuel tank is) and in the engine bay, there is also space at the front but I'd like to keep batteries kept here to a minimum as this is where the majority of the cars storage space is and it doesn't handle great with 40kg in here let alone more.

Current plan is to buy a lightly crashed Nissan Leaf and pull the majority of electronics from that and the use something like the Thunderstruck VCU unless something better comes along by then.

The biggest challenge I can see is I'd like to keep a 5 speed gearbox and LSD that's on the car currently. I know this will vastly complicate most things compared to keeping the single speed leaf transmission but for me this is a fun car and changing up through the gears is part of the fun, also being able to light the wheels up in the lower gears adds to the enjoyment. I guess the best way of doing this would be to make a custom bell housing adapter and fit the gearbox to the Leaf motor using the existing clutch but can't find if anyone has done this. The only way I could be talked out of this would be to fit a drive out of something more powerful so I never think about the lack of gears due to the increased power!

One downside I can see with this is I'd need to limit torque to 200 N/m ish as that's all the current rover pg1 gearbox can handle!

Probably no progress on this for at least a year, I just decided to join the forum to get ideas!
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