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Lost interest in EVs - lots of stuff for sale

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hi, I have a complete Porsche 911 conversion for sale (mostly professional quality) and misc stuff (external charger, brand new big resistor for discharging batteries, brand new extra electric cooling fan, some cables etc), please see my posting in the Marketplace and ping me with questions and your needs, thanks.

See the car here as well:

I can also sell domain name and Volt Classics registered US trademark if someone likes the name and wants to use it for a business


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EV, Solar, Marine Lithium Battery Pack with BMS and 2 chargers

Hi, I've lowered the price to $9000 for the whole Porsche 911 conversion package or only $3000 for 48 200Ah batteries, BMS, two chargers and connectors.

Use it for your EV conversion but also could be used for Solar power storage, marine and other applications.

Get yourself Lithium battery pack for less than lead. Here is ebay listing

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