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Too much to list so took a quick video talking through what we have.
Would it be safe to assume that, since you guys don't want to spend 10 minutes making a short list, but do want everyone to sit through a 7 minute video, and since you don't want to mention any prices (the question that literally anyone asking would want to know about to know whether they're interested or not), that the prices you'd be accepting would basically be scrap value for this stuff? Like... "Hey it's not worth the extra 3 minutes for how much money we're going to be making" kinda thing?

I think if you didn't do that, and then did still want market value for this stuff, would be a bit of a waste of everyone's time to not even make a list and price out what you want for them, right?

If so, there's some interesting stuff.

I'll make the list:

1 - 4x "Allied Power(?)" batteries, with 8400Ah CALB cicra 2010-2011. Maybe 6? Camera shows more above. Another one later on another shelf.

Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Gas Engineering Automotive exterior

2 - 4x Motors from Smith Electric's liquidation. 1 has a gearbox, maybe other gearboxes elsewhere.

Motor vehicle Gas Electric motor Machine Nut

3 - 1x Smith carrier thing for power electronics?

Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Automotive exterior

4 - 1x "Pump for the 120 motor" out of the 7.5 ton Newton (?) truck.

Automotive tire Gas Engineering Machine tool Wood

5 - 1x Smith Carrier (like item #3 above?), power electronics module, drive inverter, radiator, 90kw?

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Truck Tire Automotive exterior

6 - 2x (?) Allied Battery packs. Somehow different than item #1 but he gave the same specs so not sure. CALB 180s x 84?

Shelving Gas Wood Engineering Machine

7 - Many many A/C Compressors from the Azure Dynamics liquidation. Zivan charger. "EDN"? charger. Not sold as a bundle I don't think, just happened to be in a pile.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design

8 - 1x Nissan Leaf battery pack. 24kWh. "All there but the service plug". Reasonable state 70%? (Or 7-something, some nissan rating?).

Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle Composite material Engineering

9 - 1x Nissan Leaf Gen 1 battery. All there including service plug. From 150,000 mile car. "7 bars of health".

Automotive tire Wood Flooring Rectangle Gas

10 - 1x an Indra battery built for a taxi using Leaf cells. Quite old. No specs given. Low mileage.

Wood Table saws Gas Composite material Machine

Max 10 images per post, continued below.

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Continued from above...

11 - 1x Nissan Leaf Gen 3 battery pack. High mileage 150,000 miles. No service plug, no BMS. Also, another that's just an empty case with a few bits of wiring for Gen 3 battery.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood Automotive exterior Gas

12 - 1x Hillstone. "400v rated, 80 KW"

Tire Washing machine Automotive tire Motor vehicle Waste containment

13 - 1x Smith Electric Mystery Box. Motor/Gearbox/inverter. They have no idea, they've never looked into what it is, came from the liquidation.

Motor vehicle Wood Hardwood Wheel Gas

14 - Many Valence UCharge BMS units. Different ages. Most are high voltage units, but low voltage ones too.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Gas

15 - 1x Motor from Smith, with adapter plate for a gearbox, with the spines stripped off. They say probably just scrap.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Cylinder Gas Automotive exterior

16 - 1x Allied battery pack. Huge. "The other half"? 84 of the cells mentioned earlier.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Asphalt Composite material

17 - 1x Gen 1 Nissan Leaf motor. With Gearbox. connectors too.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Engineering Vehicle

18 - The axel somethings from a Gen 2 leaf.

Wood Bumper Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas

19 - "Quote a few"/Few Dozen Nissan Leaf home-storage battery packs. Uses Gen4 Leaf batteries. Orion Jr BMS. Various states of completion. And a box of ~35x Orion Jr BMSs

Gas Automotive design Electrical wiring Machine Engineering

20 - 1x Leaf Gen2 motor, maybe with a bad bearing, or maybe that's a different unit.

Gas Rim Auto part Machine Engineering

Continued below.

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Continued from Above...

21 - 2x or Gearboxes from Smith liquidation.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Wood

22 - 1x Smith double-motor joined together. Was maybe used as a dyno. They have no idea.

Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Rim

23 - Multiple pallets of Gen 2 Nissan Leaf battery cells, various states of health, maybe from when underperforming packs come in to be replaced?

Tire Packing materials Shipping box Package delivery Wood

24 - Gen 2 Leaf PDM, drive inverter compressor, etc. Apparently all in good condition and stored dry. Another leaf drive inverter next to this.

Water Wood Asphalt Snow Slope

25 - ~120x Azure Dynamics pumps, from the liquidation.

Hand Fluid Finger Thumb Water

26 - 20x Azure dual-throat vacuum pumps, new in bags, branded Ford.

Trigger Gas Nickel Auto part Recreation


Some of this stuff is very clearly complete garbage one-offs that someone would have to put huge amounts of time to reverse engineer or find a way to use. Some of it is obviously just fine and could be used tomorrow.

Wasn't worth $10 of someone's time to make a list or price, so, I would presume they want it for "just want it gone" prices. (Edited to add - Whelp, maybe I just jumped the gun, Skooler was gonna write this all up tonight. So, prices went up from junk to more "clearout" low :p ).

These aren't arranged as lots, this is just me putting numbers on stuff for quick reference based on the snapshots I took.

Don't PM me, I have nothing to do with Indra, I just made the list.
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