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Hello all,

I'm considering a lotus elise or exige conversion (S2)

  • Hoping for a range of 75 miles
  • Performance: 0-60 <5secs, top speed 100mph
  • Money :20k for conversion
these goals are somewhat mutually exclusive.... pick two out of the three and I think you can do it, excluding the cost of the donor car. For monster acceleration, the least expensive solution may be tandem 9" DC, which will enable you to stick down around 144v or 156v battery pack so you COULD use prismatic cells. But, if you go with 100ah cells for space, you really shouldn't pull more than 400 or 500 amps for very long. To get your range you may need 160ah. I'd guess even a modest controller pushing through a peak of 500 amps at 144v to a twin 9" DC would yield very fun accel, but maybe not sub-5 sec. If you are willing to compromise performance to save weight and cost you could step down to a twin 8" motor at 120v and have a blast.

If acceleration is you priority you may want to step up to headways so you could use a zilla 2k controller and jam thru 2000 amps, but that drives the cost of the battery pack and controller WAY up.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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