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Netgain 9" HV series wound DC motor, Soliton 1 controller, and Zivan NG3 charger programmed for your pack. Limit your battery pack current to 400A(assuming 100AH batteries), turn the motor current to 1000A, and set the motor voltage limit to 192V.
As far as I know, there is no WarP9 high voltage version, only a high voltage version of the WarP11, 11" motor with max 288V. The max voltage for the WarP9 is 170V, with 156V recommended.

(due to being able to discharge 100% with the addition of a BMS)
I don't see why you think a bms permits you to discharge the cells 100%. You can do that with or without a bms, but it will greatly shorten the cycle life of the cells.

I think the difficulty in this conversion is the fact that such a high acceleration rate will require high battery pack voltage AND high battery power to handle the large currents required for such acceleration. I think that would require something like a series-parallel pack of Headway cells, as prismatic cells (Thundersky, CALB) would have to be large capacity (Ah) to handle such currents due to their spec of max current about 3C to 4C. The car likely wouldn't have enough room for enough of these to get the higher voltage required. I would guess you could get less than 7 sec 0-60 with just a WarP9, Zilla 1k or Soliton1, and 156V pack of 200Ah TS cells (if there is space for 46 them), with battery current limit set to 800 (4C). A battery current limit of 400A would greatly limit performance.

You can use this spreadsheet to estimate 0 to 60 time (zip file at bottom of post):

This pack would significantly exceed your range requirement, somewhere in excess of 100 mile range I would guess.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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