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OK .. Electric Lotus Elan.
I've been a lurker for some time - and want to extend a HUGE thank you for ALL the inspiration found on here 🙏

If it helps anyone else I used Instagram to log the conversion / build of a 50 yr old Lotus Elan: (or without Instagram: MAS Design Products Ltd. - Design Engineering Inventing ) notes are in posts (or hover over pictures for 2nd link)..

Background: recovering petrol head who LOVES the handling/steering/balance/lightweight of Lotus cars - especially 60's Elans (as fun at legal speeds as well as on track).

Mission: to keep same weight and handling balance, similar or better performance as ICE but no noise/smells/hassles (achieved - now testing and tweaking ✌ )

FWIW although superlight, original Lotus Elan's dirty little secret is they are terribly inefficient - 23mpg! - which was annoying - it now runs for free, powered by the sun (via pv panels).

Costs: tatty elan (£23K) but with rebuilt twincam engine, new chassis and suspension. Sale of ICE parts £8.5K Cost of most EV and conversion parts £12K, total £26.5K PLUS about 500 hours, blood sweat and tears (as an engineer).

Basic Spec:
  • 650Kg (1430lbs which is ~20kg lighter than before conversion)
  • Hyper9
  • 5 x Telsa Model X P90D modules (3 in front 2 in rear) ~28kWh (same weight distribution so keeps lovely steering/ handling)
  • best/worst range 200/100 miles
  • 6.6Kw Charger
  • simpBMS
  • Kept Gearbox, but not clutch - pulls from zero in top gear, crazy in 1st/2nd
Controversial - Some hatred from Lotus purists (even 1st owner who is in 70's .. "you did WHAT with MY car ? " !!). But, to be fair, a LOT of likes from more enlightened lotus folk.

Once again THANKs to all you generous folk who have inspired, freely shared information, links, and experiences of what works ( and what doesn't !!) 👍

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