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Wasn't going to get involved in this pig wrestling, but here goes:

ANY machine shop that has a lathe should be able to hold .005" TIR all day long. Pick a coupling for the motor shaft with a wall thickness of at least 1/4" and a keyway that fits your motor. Get a clutch disk, and undo the center hub by drilling through the retaining rivets. Take the coupling and hub to said machine shop, tell them you what you want it to look like assembled. Tell them you need the shafts concentric. Wait for completion , them give them copius amounts of money. On assembly of system, since the bolts have tolerances, snug the bolts slightly. Put transmission into neutral and spin motor shaft. If everything is close enough, it will coast for a moment or so, otherwise jiggle motor housing until it works. When done tighten assembly bolts and respin motor shaft looking for a long coast down.
Yup it isn't precise, but it was how we did stuff back in the days when 57 chevies were brand new.

The other option is go find an engineer that will draw you an engineered fitting and get that made. Much more expensive, but it holds them aforementioned tolerances.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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