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Low cost VFD as basis for AC Drive. Protips?

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I found this on ebay:

Appears to be a cheap Chinese VFD, and from what i can decipher, it has Torque Control, and analog input. With an upgraded powerstage, others have used VFD's to drive AC motors in cars. Anybody see any major problems with this one? Other than the manual is more than likely Chinese?

Low cost, NEW, and capable of 400Hz. Can run on 1 phase, so you can apparently disable Phase Failure Detect. They are hiding the brand, typical of asian knock offs. More than likely made by a real company, and sold out the back door, with a different name on it.

Should i pick one up and be the test dummy?
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I sent an email to Eric Tischer, the guy with the 100mph passat. I want to get a known to work VFD, or at least one thats easy to work with and understand. However, the price on some of these is killer.
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