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I have a Think with batterys from VW Eup. Due to a problem with the DC/DC 12 Volt battery the main battery has been drain down to a cell voltage 2,2 volt. Thats too low for the cell board (EMUS) so I have taken the battery out of the car for manually charging up too necessary voltage so the onboard charger can charge them to normal voltage. How high current is it safe too charge them with from a voltage level as low as 2,2 Volt? I have staret with 1 A but that will take 2 weeks. Is it safe to increase the current to 10A or will it dammage the cells?
I've not had experience with that particular brand, but have had fair to good luck doing what you suggest. Just be careful. Do not leave unattended while charging. Move to a safe area which can tolerate an undesireable event, just in case.

Good luck.

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