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Controller and motor were parts of my Quantya electric motorbyke:

They are in perfect use conditions, motor's brushes are as new yet.

Controller is Alltrax AXE4844 Motor 400 Amp 24-48 Volt DC
Motor is Motor LEM200-127 LEMCO 48 VDC

I ask 270 euro for controller and 900 euro for motor.
The price for both is 1100 euro.
Controller and motor are located in Italy, but I can ship world wide.
Buyer pays for shipping costs.

These are links for viewing new items prices and features:

Programmable via RS232 comm port using PC or Laptop
Integrated anodized heat-sink with multi bolt pattern for flexibility
Fully encapsulated epoxy fill - environmentally rugged design
Advanced MOSFET power transistor design for excellent efficiency
and power transfer
1/2 Speed reverse option and "Plug Brake" options available
Type: DC "SERIES WOUND" motor controller
Under-voltage cutback: adjustable
16-30 VDC, preset to 12 volts under your battery pack voltage
Over-voltage shutdown: adjustable
30-60 VDC (48V models) (60VDC MAX)
Operating Frequency: 18kHz
Control voltage range; Key, Throttle and Reverse inputs:
Reverse Horn Output: 50mA sink max
Standby Current (Powered Up): < 35mA
Throttle Input:
ITS (inductive)
Resistive 0-5K ohm (+/-10%)
5K-0 ohm (+/-10%)
Operating Temperature: -25C to 75C, 95C shutdown
Adjustable via Controller Pro software:
Throttle acceleration / deceleration rate and map profile
Armature current limit
Brake current limit
Under / Over-voltage shutdown
Half Speed Reverse
High Pedal Disable
Plug Brake

LEM200-127 LEMCO 48 VDC
48 Rated Volts
215 Amp Rated Current
8.55 kW Rated Power
16.08 kW Peak Power
54 Rpm/V Speed Constant
88% Peak Efficiency
For applications involving long periods of running without maintenance the normal running current should not exceed 60% of the "maximum continuous" figure for the relevant voltage. This also applies where full-load operation in both directions is needed, unless a device is fitted to move the brush holder to the optimum position in each direction
Advantages Applications
High Efficiency
(Reduced Power Consumption) Scooters
Longer Battery Life Motorboats/Saildrives
Simple Control Lightweight Electric Cars
Light Weight Design Golf Cars
Power to Weight Ratio Go-Karts
Pancake Design Floor Sweepers
High Torque at Low Speed Grass Cutters
Welding Generators
For more Details on this Motor please visit the Lynch Motor Company
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