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A new EV was born today!

And it was born in New Delhi, India.

Holla guys,
Am an EV enthusiast from India and am very excited bout this new product that could transform the automobile industry here in India.

This is the first EV car that is mass produced and sold here.
Nissan, Tesla dont have operations here.

Here are the specifications

The cost would come upto $10,100 (Rs 6,00,000)
The range is an acceptable - 100 km (? Miles!) for Indian Cities
Charges in 5 hrs flat. Quick Charge = 25km in 15 mins!
Lithium Ion batteries

It has some kick ass features for the price.

e20 - has a system connected to satellite.
Thus use an iOS/Android/Blackberry device and stay connected to your e20
Basically use the mobile phone to remotely activate stuff on your car.
Example - Turn ur AC on the car using your mobile phone remotely.

What if u run out of charge?
Patented Revive technology. Pick up our smart phone and press - 'Revive' button. This remotely provides 8-10 km of backup energy.

10 onboard computers = Energy Management system. Remote debugging of issues, crash reports sent to Mahindra etc. Fixing issues remotely is possible.

The car also has a 6.2 inch touch screen display system (Mp3 player - this screen is connected to main computer system of the car). You can gauge the energy efficiency, how u have driven over the last 6 days, more reports on energy efficiency.

Regenerative braking - As u take our foot of the accelerator pedal, u get energy into your battery.
This is perfect for Indian stop and go traffic.

Other Features -
Keyless entry, hill mode etc

They are planning to export this to Europe next year.

Am seriously thinking of buying this!

Now i have never bought an EV! Heck, never bought a car in my life!

I would like all the EV masters here to offer me some tips and answer some questions i have!

Some questions i have are

  • Can the battery pack be upgraded? In future, can we add a new battery pack with improved range? Is this possible in an EV? What if the company says no?
    IMO, this is important, so that u can be certain that u will be sure that ur car can meet your needs in the future too. Its like upgrading RAM in a computer!
  • Apparently there is a 3 year warranty for the battery pack - is this enuf?
  • Looks like the BMS is included with the infotainment touch screen system provided. Is there anything related to BMS that i need to know?
  • When i go on a test drive (mostly this weekend!), what are the things i need to look for in an EV?
  • Any other tips and suggestions?

Id really appreciate responses!
Thanx in advance :)

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