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Mailman Always Rings Twice

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If all goes as planned, SJSU will be converting the EVDL's listserver software
from Listproc to Mailman this evening.

The following is my idea, not SJSU's, but it seems to me that it might not be
a bad idea to keep list traffic to a minimum from about 4pm PT (7pm ET) or
so. I suggest holding off posts until tomorrow if possible.

Current EVDL subscribers will be transferred seamlessly along with their list
settings (ack, digest, nomail, etc.). You shouldn't need to resubscribe. I
suppose there is some slight chance of error in this process. If you seem to
have been cast aside (it won't be intentional), let me know. Don't reply to this
message; see below for address info.

Digest subscribers will most likely receive a plain text digest by default. You
can change this to a fancy MIME digest using the web configuration tool (see

The previously used email commands, including the "subscribe," "signoff,"
and user options commands such as "nomail," will still work with the new
system. However, most people will probably want to use the new web-based
configuration tool.

You'll log in to that page with your email address (the one you used to
subscribe) and a password. Sometime tonight, you should receive an email
with that password. The link below won't be active until the transfer is
complete, but you'll log in here :

I think you have to have cookies enabled in your browser to use this page.

If you don't receive your password, just enter your subscribing email address
on the above page and Mailman will email you your password.

Comments? Concerns? Complaints?

Unless you think they'll be of common interest, they're probably best
addressed to me privately. You'll find my personal address at the bottom of
this page :

David Roden
EVDL Administrator
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