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Major Disappointment. Ditching Car #1

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Looks like it's time to search for a new donor car. From previous posts, you know that I've never seen the car. My darling wife (but I'm not blaming her, really) went to a VW repair shop (I'm blaming them) based on an ad in Craigslist. As I understand all of this - it's second hand to me - the seller of the car had not driven the car for a year because she had been overseas. She brought the car to the repair shop to see if it could stand the winters in the Northeast, where she is moving. They said the brakes needed work and the engine had some problems.

All I wanted was a good chassis, brakes and transmission (including clutch). There was rust on the exhaust, but that's ok because that would go anyway. So we bought the car based on the evaluation of the repair shop.

From what I understand, the original brakes use a rubber strip and this had been replaced by a weld (solid). We need good brakes since the car will be much heavier after conversion. So the mechanic wanted to restore the brakes to the original design. We agreed to pay for the brake job and to have the a/c drained.

The car was supposed to be ready last Thursday. Today, I hear that they can't fix the brakes on one side. Also the clutch isn't working properly. I have lost confidence in the repair shop. They missed the clutch on their evaluation and they can't fix the brakes. So I think it's time to cut my losses on this vehicle, a major disappointment.

So if you know of a VW Cabriolet with good body, brakes and transmission let me know.